Gun owners need the best equipment to get the best use from their firearm. There are multiple ways to modify a gun to improve its performance. You can also buy gun-related tactical gear that can make it easier to carry your firearm and fire it more effectively. Whatever you need for your firearm, you can get it from Gnarly Gorilla. Here are five types of gun-related supplies you can get from Gnarly Gorilla.


Holsters are an essential element of safely handling a firearm. Most states require gun owners to use a holster when carrying a weapon in public. A good holster can also be about style. Gnarly Gorilla has a vast selection of holsters in various styles, designs, and colors. With more than a hundred different holsters, including the ones you need for concealed carrying, Gnarly Gorilla is sure to have a holster that fits your needs. 


The best gun in the world is pretty much useless without ammunition. You can get all the ammunition you need for your firearm at Gnarly Gorilla. We carry ammo from top-of-the-line manufacturers like Galco, Cold Steel, Lee, Blue Sea Systems, BERETTA, Eagle Claw, and others. We have more than 100 different kinds of ammunition, which make Gnarly Gorilla a one-stop-shop for gun owners who need supplies.

Replacement Magazine

A gun is only as good as its individual pieces. If your magazine is damaged, it can prevent the gun from firing correctly and could lead to dangerous backfires. You can get replacement magazines from Gnarly Gorilla so you can still use your firearm while your other magazine is being repaired. Having an extra magazine can also be useful in a situation when you’ll need more than one magazine. Such a scenario is unlikely in domestic security situations, but if you’re the kind of person that wants to be prepared for anything, an extra magazine or two makes sense.

Reloading Components

Gun enthusiasts know that it’s vital to take care of a firearm to ensure it works properly when it’s time to use it. Gnarly Gorilla has a wide selection of reloading components that owners can use to take care of their guns. You can find priming seating assemblies, lock bushings, a reloading stand, and much more. We have more than 100 components, so firearm owners can find the components they need to keep their gun pristine.

Stocks and Forearms

Many gun enthusiasts like to modify their firearms in a way that makes them more comfortable or easier to fire. Gnarly Gorilla has multiple stocks and forearms that gun owners can use to make their weapons more appropriate for a particular use. For example, an adaptive tactical forearm can be used to improve a pump-action shotgun. Similarly, you can buy an agpul stock hunter x-22 for Ruger guns. The drop-in design is compatible with all factory Ruger 10/22.

If you need gear or ammo for your firearm, Gnarly Gorilla is the place to go. Browse our website to see our newest acquisitions. You can send us a message online if you have any questions about the products we offer.