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Dave Smith Decoy Strutter Decoy
Dave Smith Decoy Strutter Decoy

Dave Smith Decoy Strutter Decoy

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Made with A.C.E. resin, the specialized body actually reseals its own surfaces for an entirely worry-free, no-hesitation shooting experience. This rugged, lifelike decoy is tough enough to withstand repeated attacks from aggressive birds as well as gunshots. Each DSD Strutter decoy has been tested and proven to be ultra durable and weatherproof. Each accepts a real tail fan and wings (not included) for added realism and conversion from jake to tom and vice versa. Decoys come complete with tools to attach your own tail fan, wings and a carry bag and motion stake.

Bullet Features:
Rugged and life like
Accepts a real tail fan and wings
Can withstand a shotgun blast or a broadhead with little to no visible wear to the surface and no affect to the decoy’s shape

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