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Do All Outdoors Top Hat Target
Do All Outdoors Top Hat Target

Do All Outdoors Top Hat Target

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The Do All Outdoors Top Hat impact seal ground bouncing reactive targets were originally designed for military, law enforcement, and fast action pistol training. These are action targets that are unpredictable and they challenge the shooter to locate and readjust for every shot. They will fly, bounce, roll, and run every time they are shot. The technology advanced material will handle thousands of rounds from .22-.50 caliber. These targets are built for long life and countless hours of fun.
  • Handles 1,000 plus rounds
  • Fly, bounce, roll, and run everytime they are shot
  • Rated for all calibers from .22 to .50
  • Target self heals upon impact
  • Never the same shot twice
  • Ideal for rifles, pistols, and shotguns

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