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Lasermax Cntfr Lsr W/gs S&w Shld Grn
Lasermax Cntfr Lsr W/gs S&w Shld Grn

Lasermax Cntfr Lsr W/gs S&w Shld Grn

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The Patent Pending GripSense(TM) Technology utilizes similar technology to smartphones, in that the product contains a detection zone in the area that users middle finger indexes the trigger guard of the firearm and senses the users grip on the firearm and activates the laser instantly. The user has the option to turn off the laser with the push of a button or disable the GripSense Activation and rely solely on the button activation. The new CenterFire with GripSense technology is an essential sighting tool for training, concealed carry, home defense, and backup use, the GS-SHIELD-G projects a green laser aiming point downrange - the perfect complement to Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm , .40 S&W small and easily concealed pistols. Rounded and blended to ensure a smooth draw, the GS-SHIELD-G mounts to the frame without permanent alteration and offers ambidextrous switching to accommodate both right and left-handed shooters. Most operators report immediate improvement to hit ratios after installing a CenterFire GripSense laser sight.

Features :
  • DUAL activation capable with either GripSense™
  • GripSense™ Activation does not alter your grip
  • External Battery Access Door

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