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  1. Rothco Military Jungle Boots
Rothco Military Jungle Boots
Rothco Military Jungle Boots

Rothco Military Jungle Boots

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With the rugged design of a combat boot and the lightweight feel of a running shoe, Rothco’s Military Jungle Boots provide unparalleled tread, flexibility, and comfort while you perform combat training, rucking, playing a competitive game of paintball, and many other outdoor activities. The military jungle boot’s upper section is made of breathable and flexible canvas / nylon material, providing you with a wide range of motion while traveling on uneven surfaces. With an overall height of 8”, the military combat boot gives you high ankle support when securely tied with the 9 eyelet lacing system. Each military boot comes with a thick vulcanized rubber cleated Panama outsole for enhanced traction while you are on the move. Constructed with a steel shank in-between the insole and outsole, the Panama sole boot reduces strain on your heels and calves so you can withstand long days on your feet. Whether from perspiration or traveling through wet environments, the soldier boots include dual vent holes to keep your feet cool and dry. NOTE: The jungle boots run a size larger, which has been designed to wear with two pairs of wool socks.  

Color: Desert Tan
Width: Regular
Shoe Size: 10

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