The Gnarly Gorilla: With You at Sea

Here at the Gnarly Gorilla, we have a big catalog – and that’s really saying something these days!

We have the hunting and camping gear you need to take on any terrain. We have bows and other specialized gear and accessories to track your big game. We have personal defense gear, and much more. All of it is useful for our customers who are used to having the right stuff to go out and conquer in the wild.

But let's talk about the salty sailors who want to outfit their craft for the waters. At Gnarly Gorilla we have that, too. Our marine gear is good enough to support you out where the water gets rough.

Lighting and Fixtures

We have stuff for your boat – our port and starboard navigation lights are both useful and cool-looking on any seaworthy vessel. We have fixtures for the interior cabin, too, and many other kinds of tools and gear to outfit your boat’s interior space. That's all part of our marine catalog, but it doesn't stop there. Bait, hooks – we’ve got all that. Just don’t forget your license!

Gear and Knives

You may need a good serrated blade to gut a fish. We've got that, too. Our knife line is part of our category crossover with hunting and defense gear and marine products. Because we have a range of choices available, you can select the knives and other fishing gear that suit you. You're not just limited to a few options. Take a look at the specs of what we offer, in the product pages, to make that you get what you want.

Other Marine Gear

Listen, we've got everything from navigation mounts to personal protective gear, to bags and containers for your supplies. It's all here at Gnarly Gorilla, in our catalog that's a one-stop shop for those who want to hang tough out in the field. Be prepared – be ready. Get what you need for your next off-road trip, whether it's on land or in the water.

That’s why we put this whole thing together. At Gnarly Gorilla, we know what it’s like packing for a big trip. You’ve got dozens of things to remember. Having a go-to ecommerce source can help. Look for available deals on-site, and bookmark us for your adventures in the future.